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Sichuan Biochem-ZX Research Co.,Ltd, is located in Hi-tech Zone,Chengdu,China,founded in 2004 .Our company is professional in producing biomaterials, the raw material of medicine and the intermediate, mainly year to year provides themedicine intermediate for the world scope in medicine company the production and the self-management foreign trade exportation sale. The main products of our company are EDC.HCL (EDC hydrochloride) which is used as dehydrating agent to synthesize polypeptide, protein and ribonucleotide, medical intermediate such as L- norvaline, D-norvaline and so on the naturalamino acid and non-naturalamino acid and medical intermediate Aztreonam. The company is specialized in research and development, and was supported by national technology department innovation fund and recognized as Sichuan high-tech enterprise.

Superiority of our company:
Our working group is consisted of professional doctor and master. We have a research base and we are specilized in product development.

We have the legality and ability to use cyanide (cyanide sodium, potassium cyanide) to produce organic compound, specially the natural amino acid and non-natural amino acid;

The self-made Acylase, uses chemistry racemic and the biologicalenzyme law unifies, analyzes the DL - amino acid, the preparation manykinds of high optics purity L - amino acid and the D - amino acid;

Some high pressures respond the axe, may carry on Pd-C and the Rany-Nicatalytic hydrogenation in the 20MPa scope.

Using the local danger production resource――high pure liquid state carbonyl chloride production system, carbonyl chloride "namely produces namely uses", the production Benzyl chloroformate (CBZ-Cl), Methyl chloroformate and so on the organic acidradical chlorine class product and the downriver product, specially amino acid N-CBZ protection.

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